Day 10 – Float & Wade

Today was our final day of fishing before heading back to campus. We woke up at our regular time in order to make it to the amazing breakfasts prepared for us by the lodge’s chef, Dakota. After finishing breakfast we put on our waders and boots and hopped in the car heading to the South Holston for what we found out to be an extremely successful day of fishing; Harriet caught 26, Cody caught 30, I myself caught 38, Brian caught 34 John caught 19, Julian netted 30 and Mike landed 20 . I’d consider that a successful final day of fishing! The group caught over 375 fish during our stay.  After a long day of fishing the lodge prepared a nice pulled pork final dinner for when we returned. It was as amazing as every meal we had while we were there. We then went back to our rooms and fell asleep preparing for a long day of traveling back to Litchfield! – Mitchell Harris



Day 5 – Tennessee bound!

Today was a long day of travel that began at 3:30 in the morning. After flying into Charlotte and breaking the speed walking record to get to our next flight,  we took flight in a prop plane and 40 mins later landed in the Tennessee airport,  where we were met by our guides who took us to the lodge. Some immediately took to the river, while others decided to take it easy as we acclimated to our surroundings. Our opening dinner was a steak dinner with Caesar salad and broccoli and rice pilaf. We are all excited to see what the week holds. Stay tuned! – John


Day 2 – A visit from Leigh

Today we had a very special guest speaker – Mr. Leigh Oliva.  Mr. Oliva is a Certified Casting Instructor from Orvis, and was kind enough to spend the day with us.  The morning started discussing entomology and associated flies, as well as how to read a stream when finding trout.  Next on the agenda was knot tying, where we mastered the Improved Clinch and Double Surgeon’s knot, as well as the Perfection Loop.  We then headed outside to work on casting on the melted rink (very convenient!).  What began as a frustrating experience soon became comfortable for the group.  While they will certainly need to practice their new skill, they are now feeling good with the rod in hand.  Leigh then had the group get  taste of fly-tying, working with them on creating mini Clousers and Midges.  After completing their new flies the group was hooked!  It was a wonderful day for the boys and girls as they were thoroughly engaged and can’t wait to head south!

Day 1 – Welcome to Match the Hatch Winterim 2017!

What a start! The first day of Winterim was certainly a hit. After going over basic expectations and schedules, we got right down to business.  We discussed the lifecycle of the trout, as well as the ecosystem of streams.  Our afternoon trip took us to the Burlington State Fish Hatchery, where Brian toured us around the facilities, and gave us an in depth look at the process of raising fish.  Strains of Brown, Rainbow and brook Trout were all around as well as Kokanee Salmon that will be stocked in the local fisheries around the state.  Upon returning, we distributed the gear, from rods and reel, waders and boots to the pack with all the flies and materials.  We left for the day excited and ready to learn more!